Cheddar Steam Club

The model club for boats and trains

All correspondence for Cheddar Steam Club should be sent to:-

Cheddar Steam Club

c/o 8 Manor Close

Farrington Gurney


BS39 6UT


Committee members for 2019 to 2021  

Patrick Emett


Tel:   01934 742149

Mob: 07775 604140

Norman Andrew

Honorary 'Non executive' Secretary and Club site Registrar

Please notify Norman Andrew in advance when you wish to visit the club site. Norman has a register that would be used in the event of Coronavirus contact tracing.

Mike Marshall

Honorary Treasurer

Tel:   01297 23782

Mob: 07831 469524

Sandra Diamond

Membership Secretary

Tel:   01934 415764

Jeremy Moore

Health, Safety and Risk

Tel: 01373 812458

Mob: 07970 172908

Kevin Newman

Webmaster & Newsletter editor


Mob: 07595 910234

Val Emery

Catering Manager


Denise Moore

Clothing and Regalia Manager

Mob : 07837 175402

Vic Gray

Committee member & Trustee


John Chapman

Committee member & Trustee


John Boyall

Boiler tester

John 'the footy cruncher' Boyall.

Tel : 01458 860745

Alan Diamond

Committee member


Brian Isaac

Footy event organiser


Club Trustees

John Chapman                               Jerry Watson                                       Vic Gray                                        Vacancy