Cheddar Steam Club

The model club for boats and trains

Personal Safety

Please take note that when using the Cheddar Steam Club (CSC) facilities that your personal safety is your sole responsibility.

The club site is situated in an open field where there are areas of potential risk to your personal safety, for example, undulating ground with hollows in the grass and bumps to trip over, low branches on the trees and shrubs. There is also a large expanse of water that is the lake itself.

There are trip hazards around the pavilion, paved areas, decking, railway, boat launch area and lake.

It is advisable to visit the site with a friend or colleague. That way, if you have an accident or a medical emergency there will be some one available to assist you.

We need to be increasingly careful as we all get older that we do not endanger ourselves or the lives of other people that are around us. Please respect those members wishing to maintain social distancing, mask wearing and hand hygiene due to the Coronavirus.

Please do not smoke around any of the wooden structures. It is a fire hazard, particularly in dry hot summer weather.

The CSC Committee have done all that they can to reasonably limit the many hazards that exist around the site.

Please notify a Committee member or put a recommendation in writing using the suggestion box in the pavilion should you perceive a hazard that requires attention.

Enjoy yourselves and above everything else, stay safe.